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Rich Specialty Trailers| About Us


For over 20 years Rich Specialty Trailers has been building and selling specialty trailers.  We take pride in knowing that thousands of trailers have been built for use.  Whereas, we have been able to help clients in all markets to solve portable needs.  Additionally, much of our success is contributed to the hard work and dedication of employes who get up every day to try to build the best trailer products for the market.

We create real value to allow our customers to succeed in their business. manufacturing plant remains located in a small Amish community in Topeka, Indiana.  Significantly, Rich Specialty Trailers is family owned and managed with a third generation active with the business.


Whether the need is for a restroom trailer or an office trailer, Rich Specialty Trailers is about building the best trailer for the need.  Additionally, other examples of trailers include living quarters trailers and bunk bed trailers.  When a natural disaster strikes Rich Specialty Trailers provides trailer choices the emergency use trailers.  For instance, shower trailers offer relief and damaged locations.   At the same time, handwashing trailers allow for mobile sanitation.  Additionally, for sleeping the mobile bunk house trailers are needed when utility repairmen need to be close to the repair work.

Furthermore about us, Rich Specialty Trailers web site provides links to many trailers of many sizes.  In short, review all the floor plans and decor choices to find the trailer for the specialty needs.  Contact a product manager to find the trailer to meet your needs.

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