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FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. In other words, a list of questions answers. For instance, it provides basic information.  Whether a newcomer or a pro the information proves helpful.  Also, we accept additional suggestions.  Email us to offer some constructive suggestions.  After all, the trailer use feedback provides the best field-testing data. The practical application of the how to use the trailer serves as valuable information.


The key to a successful use of the restroom trailer is your preparation for the event.  Before beginning the use of the trailer please read and study the manuals included with trailer.  As well as testing the trailer before it is placed into use.  For instance, the trailer will always need proper utility connections for function properly.  Above all, having enough power is critical to the restroom operation.  Additionally, understanding the requirements for shore cords is critical information.   Also, understanding the water connections begins a successful event use.  So, review all of the manuals and test all of your systems to understand your trailer.


On this web site we separate the questions and information. The frequently asked questions get separated into four categories.  Firstly, the information tells you how to set up a portable restroom trailer. Secondly, tips provide information on how to maintain your restroom trailer.  Thirdly, the link provides some general information on operation of the trailers.  And finally, we offer some suggestions on the operation of the trailer.  Above all preparation for your first event is key.  We hope you spend some time and read a few of the tips.

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