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How Many Restrooms Do I Need? | Operation Guidelines


It is important to know how many restrooms do I need for an event. This amount is determined by counting the number for stations.  Further, a station is defined as a toilet or urinal that can be used individually.  For example, if a restroom trailer has three urinals and four stalls then the trailer is a seven station.  But, if the trailer has a urinal and a toilet in a private room then this is only classified at one station.  Since, this private room could only be used individually by one person at a time. 

To understand how to use the chart, lets begin with some guidelines.  Consequently, under normal conditions most people will use the restroom trailer once every 4 hours. After that, weather conditions, consumption of food, beverages and liquor will increase the usage. Finally, below is a table to use as a guide for how many stations you may need. Of course, the chart is based on the size of the event and how long the event will last.

How to use this restroom trailer station chart..

1. First determine how many hours the special event will last. If the event is several days, use the longest day.
2. Estimate how many people will attend the event.
3. Use this chart to determine the number of restroom trailer stations which will be needed to provide adequate sanitation conditions. A station in a restroom trailer is defined as either a urinal or toilet.

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